A Rare Offering

This is a very unusual offering since most language programs consist of a batch of cd’s or tapes or a computer program with the process of learning consisting of memorization and mimicking the sound of words and phrases. With this packet of lessons the student actually converses with the professor in Spanish thereby actually learning to use the language from the beginning of the first lesson. This type of lesson allows for very rapid learning to actually speak and understand the language changing the process from a sterile process of memorization to an exciting process of communication.

Morris Ford

An Amazing Experience

My daughter and I went to Cuernavaca, Mexico in July 2006 for one month. After three years of online classes with Professor Lino I was delighted to finally meet him in person. Professor Lino guided us in the planning of our trip and answered all our questions. We went to Mexico with confidence and eager anticipation. Once in Cuernavaca, Professor Lino was an excellent tour guide, Spanish language teacher, advisor, and friend. Our Spanish language skills improved tremendously. Professor Lino assisted us in arranging a volunteer opportunity at a Midwife Birthing Center. Our experience in Cuernavaca was wonderful, and it will always be treasured in our memories.

Lisa and Corey Overcash

Easy Fluency

I'm [writing this recommendation] as I know that you either have an interest in improving your Spanish or may know others who do.

I traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico twice to study Spanish in the past couple of years. It is one of the great centers of Spanish language study in the Americas. Both times I spent part of the time studying with Paulino Velasco. When I returned home the second time Paulino offered me an interesting option: to continue my studies with him via the internet.

As you are aware, part of the secret to success in learning a language is to practice it so you don't lose what you have acquired and you build further on it. Paulino has provided me with an easy way to do this. Weekly we converse in Spanish through Yahoo instant messenger using microphones plugged into our computers. When I am having trouble understanding a word or phrase or construction, Paulino can type it and it appears on my screen. This has proved to be both a great discipline for me and also an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

By US standards, Paulino's fees are a great bargain. I pay him once a quarter and this helps me maintain my discipline as well, as I want to do the lessons I have paid for.If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to look at his website, which is [this website]. If you or someone you know would like to hear more about my experiences feel free to call me (I'm traveling but will be back Friday). Or contact Paulino directly through his website.

I hope you are well and enjoying life.

All the best,


Ira Chaleff

A Newer Student's Perspective

I have been studying with Paulino Velasco for the past 9 months andhave made tremendous progress in my Spanish speaking skills, as well as myoral understanding of Spanish. We work at reading, writing andgrammar during the course of our lessons and work at my pace using articles,books and grammar points of interest and importance to me. It is agreat way to learn a language.

I returned to school in Mexico this summer and my teachers were very surprised that I hadn't "lost" any of my Spanish and had in fact, advanced quite nicely. I look forward to the lessons and have fun while I am learning.

Joyce B

Getting Over the Hump

After 10 years of university study at night school, and at an elevated age, I finally received my Spanish degree last year. After the first few years of attending these night classes, I realized I still couldn't speak my adopted second language. Thank God I found Paulino on the internet. Without his weekly instruction in conversational Spanish, I would never have been able to learn how to actually converse in Spanish. I have been taking instruction with Paulino for more than 5 years and I continue to do so even now after getting the degree. The best way I can describe his teaching method is to say that he teaches without teaching. I can say that I've never really felt that I was taking classes, but rather that I was just talking with Paulino.

Each class was suited to my needs at the particular time. It was a perfect match for my university studies. Paulino filled in ALL the gaps, not just the conversational gaps, but the grammatical gaps too.

I highly recommend Paulino to anyone that truly wants to learn how to speak conversational Spanish.

Sam Gonzales

Flexibility and Quality

I enjoy and look forward to my classes with Paulino. He is a patient and experienced teacher. Most importantly he is flexible. I tried a few other on-line tutors before I found Paulino. He is the only Spanish teacher I was able to find on line that is able to to be completely flexible in meeting my indivicual learning needs. I wanted a class that would be strictly conversational, with the teacher interjecting corrections and grammar points only as needed within the context of the conversation. Paulino has proven to be able to adapt himself to whatever I bring up for conversation. We talk about everything from controversial world issues to my mundane daily tasks. Paulino is easy to talk to and is a funny and interesting person. I tried learning Spanish the traditional way, with grammar drills, tests, home work, and memorizing rules but this proved difficult and boring for me. Learning with Paulino is not work. It is fun. The regular conversation practice I get while talking with Paulino gives me confidence to talk in Spanish with other people when I travel, knowing that even if my Spanish is not perfect, I can understand and be understood, thanks to my regular professional chats with a very good teacher.